Our wedding day

I’m currently trying to work out what I’m going to wear tomorrow….My husband and I are off to a friend’s wedding. So exciting. I love autumn weddings and all their gorgeous colours 🙂 One year ago, in fact, I was shooting my first wedding. It was pretty scary but amazing!

I love weddings. I love the looks exchanged between the bride and groom but I also love the very proud looks on their family’s faces.

I got married just over 5 years ago and what I like the most about our wedding (apart from the fact of course that I got to marry my best friend and all our family and friends were there to celebrate) is that it wasn’t perfect but it was relaxing, happy and real 🙂 So many brides can worry about everything being perfect that they wish the day could be over so they can finally relax…It’s a shame.

I had only one painted nail because I forgot to do the rest! Seriously! It was a super windy day so the hairdresser’s attempt at making my hair as glamourous as Eva Longoria (ha, ha) was slowly destroyed. I got sunburnt whilst having our photos taken. Somebody spilled red wine on my wedding dress and despite having paid for dancing lessons and having practised for weeks, if not months, we couldn’t do our planned wedding dance as the seamstress hadn’t put enough hoops in my dress and even with lots of safety pins, it was still too long and I kept walking on the train. And those of you who know me know how much I love dancing.

But our day didn’t need all these extras. It was perfect to us despite its imperfections. I am so very grateful for all the wonderful people in our lives and for having shared these special moments with them. And I wish my friend as much happiness and sincerity for their day tomorrow.

Here are just a few photos of our day:


IMG_9704_1 IMG_9992 IMG_9989ed IMG_9947 IMG_9909_1 IMG_9774 IMG_9764 IMG_0516 IMG_0468 IMG_0340bw IMG_0239 IMG_0194 IMG_0161 IMG_0045




2 thoughts on “Our wedding day

  1. Breathtaking photos, Sabrina! These are possibly the most gorgeous wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Honest. I also love that you embraced the fact that it wasn’t “perfect”, but you can’t tell from the photos! xo


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